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Soft Gripper for the MeArm - MeArm Mod by XYZAidan

February 23, 2016 Benjamin Gray

It's exciting to see what can be done when you start to hack and modify the MeArm. One amazing customer / hacker has made a high tech soft gripper for the MeArm, using some 3D printed parts and some tubing. Check out the video here In addition to the video XYZAidan has made an instructable and has entered into the Full Spectrum Laser contest. It would be fantastic for such a creative maker to have access to his own laser cutter, so please visit his page and give him your vote!  

MeArm on the Raspberry Pi

January 26, 2016 Benjamin Gray

Running a MeArm on a Raspberry Pi is initially very simple. We hope to make it simpler still with some good example code. Right now it's very easy to get up and running with just a few jumper cables and an external power supply (like our 6V 2A power supply). We're assuming you have a Raspberry Pi up and running and all of the goodies that you need to achieve that. With that running you're going to want to attach the Pi to the servos as shown below. We're using GPIOs 4, 17, 18 and 27. These will become servos...

An Addition to the MeArm Workshop - Reflow Oven

December 11, 2015 Christian Fraser-Williams

In the past week an addition has been made to the equipment we use here at MeArm. Say hello to Gregg, our own specially hacked Argos value-range toaster oven. With the aid of an Arduino Uno, Gregg's role has changed from being just a simple toaster oven to being our handy little re-flow oven for our MeArm Brains Boards. With some tweaks and some really burnt PCB's the Arduino has been programmed to set a target temperature for Gregg to heat up to. The temperature is then regulated by current temperature readings taken from the thermocouple so that our PCB's are...

Fallout 4 Shishkebab!

November 24, 2015 Christian Fraser-Williams

Fallout 4 has captured the attention of a lot of gamers recently, in turn this means we're seeing all sorts of weird and wonderful creations inspired by this epic post-apocalyptic role-playing title. Caleb Kraft from Make (former editor of our favourite blog Hackaday!) has come up with the awesome idea (with a few minor design changes) to re-create the Shishkebab, a flaming sword used to hack and incinerate your foes to the ground in the game. Using a Katana, a can of butane gas, a grill lighter, copper piping and some bits for decoration he was able make this favored...

Running the MeArm with Arduino and Snap (a Scratch like language).

November 23, 2015 Benjamin Gray

To start this tutorial we'll assume you have a constructed MeArm and an Arduino compatible controller, such as the MeArm Brains Board. If not check these links: MeArm Kit Build your MeArm Hacking the MeArm Brains Board In addition to these you're going to need: PC or Mac - with administrator access (will Raspberry Pi do? Don't know yet, let me get back to you on that!). Arduino IDE or Codebender app in Chrome. Snap4Arduino - Downloaded and Installed. USB cable - appropriate to your Arduino compatible. Plug in your Arduino via USB and open your Arduino IDE (or Codebender)....